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All are welcome to worship at Atonement Lutheran Church. We are located on the north side of St. Cloud, MN directly across from NorthJunior High School. Everything that we do here is designed to draw you into a deeper love relationship with God and humanity. If you are looking for a church home, we hope that you will consider worshiping with us! Please know that children are always welcome and cherished at our church and in our worship services. If there is any way that we can be of service to you—or your family—please do not hesitate to be in contact with a pastor, staff person, or member of our congregation. We welcome you as Christ and we welcome you as friend! See you soon!




Atonement Lutheran Church
1144 29th Ave N  •  St Cloud, MN 56303

Seeking Office Administrator

Serve as office administrator in a fast-paced church office.  Administer church calendar, schedule building use by internal and external groups.  Serve as primary receptionist displaying hospitality to members and guests, and assist them in their personal and public ministries.  Manage and process accounts receivable and maintain church membership records.  This person is the first contact person for Atonement, whether it is on the phone or in person as they enter the facility.  Demonstrated intermediate or advanced proficiency in the use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher and Outlook.  Ability to multi-task and return to task (e.g., preparation of the weekly bulletin, etc.) while managing phones and walk-ins.  Strong interpersonal skills related to hospitality and respect while juggling a multitude of administrative tasks is essential.  Please forward your resume and cover letter to office@atonementlutheran.orgClick here for full job description.   




Atonement’s Little Free Library 

The Little Free Library at Atonement done!  Watch for the red, white and blue library on the southwest corner of the church property by the south Sunday school entrance.  Vern and Mary Ann Leitch, members of Atonement, built and donated the library and the Property Committee is ready to set it in place.  Thanks to everyone who was involved in this project.  Stop by and visit our own Little Free Library and tell your friends.

What is a Little Free Library?  It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where Atonement members and our neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share.




Our services

5:30 pm  -  This is a piano-led service including traditional liturgy and a great variety of hymns to satisfy everyone's desires.

9:00 am Traditional Worship  -  This is a traditional liturgical service accompanied by the organ .  Musical ensembles include the Atonement Adult Choir, the Handbell Choir and the Celebration Worship Team. The Celebration Worship Team provides musical leadership at this service on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

10:10 am Learning Hour for all ages (0-102)  -  Sunday school begins for children age 3 through grade 6.  Junior and senior high school students will meet in the youth room to study our Biblical ancestry.  Adults of all ages will fellowship and be offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of adult learning experiences.

11:00 am Praise Team  -  Guitars, piano, drums and a vocal ensemble lead worship at this contemporary service on the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th (when there is one) Sunday of month.  The Celebration Worship Team leads worship at this service on the 2nd Sunday.  

Consider Electronic Giving

It is an easy way to do all or a portion of your tithing.  If you know you are going to be away from Atonement Lutheran Church for an extended period (summer vacations, winter vacations, etc) this is a great way to fund mission & ministry while you’re away.  Forms available in the church office. Email questions to

Atonement Calendar

Sunday, 11/22/2015

Christ the King Celebration 

9:00 am: Worship

10:10 am: Faith 5 for Advent

10:10 am: Walk Through the Bible

11:00 am: Worship

2:45 pm: Laotian Lutheran Bible Study


Monday, 11/23/2015

9:00 am: Communion Bread Making

7:00 pm: Praise Team Rehearsal


Tuesday, 11/24/2015

8:00 am: Bible Study

9:30 am: Staff Meeting

11:30 am: TOPS Group

1:00 pm: Esther/Naomi Circle

7:00 pm: Singing Saints

7:00 pm: Ruth/Martha Circle 

7:00 pm: Narcotics Anonymous


Wednesday, 11/25/2015

NO Spirit Trek

7:00 am: Men’s Bible Study (Caribou)

9:00 am: Quilting

12:00 pm: Al Anon

5:00 pm: Spanish Class

6:30 pm: Thanksgiving Eve Worship followed by pie social


Thursday, 11/26/2015

Thanksgiving Day

Office/Building Closed


Friday, 11/27/2015

Office/Building Closed


Saturday, 11/28/2015

9:00 am: Giving Tree Begins

10:00 am: Narcotics Anonymous

5:30 pm: Worship



Sunday Morning Coffee and Fellowship

Please join us for coffee and fellowship on Sunday’s between services.  If your committee or ministry is interested in hosting, please use the sign-up sheets on the bulletin board across from the office.  For more information contact Sally Reichert 253-2932.

Let's keep in touch!

Email is the most efficient way of keeping you informed about all that is going on at your church.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to keep up with changing email addresses and cell phone numbers, and households dropping their land lines.  Please take a moment to update your contact information using the Let’s Keep in Touch Cards available at the welcome center or in the church office.




As a young adult, I belonged to a church that practiced prayer really well, and throughout the year, we prayed for all the families in our congregation.  For me, it made such a difference to know I belonged to a community that prayed for me by name and I’d like to offer this to you.  Beginning in February, we will start to pray our way through the congregation.  Each week 5-8 families will receive a post card indicating that we will name your family in prayer that week and during the Tuesday staff meeting and weekend worship.  If you have specific prayer concerns, you will be invited to contact me or Pastor Kristen.  The specifics of your requests will not be named publically…God already knows…so we will only lift your name along with the other families we pray for that week.  It may be a bit awkward at first, as is any new practice.  My prayer is that soon we will give thanks that we belong to a Praying Church.   Watch your mailbox beginning in February for your prayer card.  Until then, please hold this new venture in prayer.   


Prayers for Healing in the Weekly Bulletin – You will notice that we now keep people on the prayers for healing list for 4 weeks.  If you desire continued prayer, please contact the church office (252-6203) and we will add your name again.  At any time, if you would like to request prayers for yourself or a loved one, please contact the church office and we will add you to the prayer list.


"Reaching up, Reaching out"

Reaching up to God:  We build personal relationships with God through worship, prayer, Bible study and Christian fellowship.

Reaching out to others:  God's love leads us to share the message of Jesus Christ with others through love, our lives and our gifts in our faith community and the world.