Atonement Preschool

Children ages 3 to 5 years learn socialization and kindergarten readiness skills from a certified teacher and teacher assistants in classes with up to 16 students. Children also participate in devotions with preschool staff and our pastors. Board members meet periodically. More School Rewards through Coborns and Cash Wise Foods and Kwik Trip Nature's Touch milk and orange juice caps and bag tops are collected for the preschool. Donations can be made at the church. For more information, visit the Atonement Preschool page, or contact Kathy Young by email or phone, 320-224-6366.

Our History

Over the past 18 years, many children have come to Atonement Preschool. They have learned about numbers, letters, sharing and friendship. They have also learned that they are God’s beloved children. ​ In 1997, a group of people from our congregation came together to turn their vision into a reality, and thus, our preschool was born. Our first classes were held in 1998, in a double Sunday school room. Over the next years, we moved into a remodeled nursery room, and increased our capacity to 14 students per session. In 2002, we opened a second classroom as demand for our program grew. We now have two open and inviting rooms, small class sizes and an AWESOME & EXPERIENCED teaching team. We love to share information about our Christian preschool where children learn in an environment that encourages faith, honesty, trust, respect and responsibility. Thank you for considering us for your child’s preschool experience!

About Us

Our Purpose

The purpose of Atonement Preschool is to supplement early childhood home experiences in a safe, nurturing environment. We use age appropriate activities that will further each child’s development. We give children the opportunity to express themselves in creative ways, to be proud of themselves and develop some skills in independence to better prepare them for kindergarten.

Our Religious Philosophy

We are a Christian based, non-denominational program with an appreciation for life and emphasis on love and respect for each other. ​

Our curriculum

Includes learning about and the celebration of Christmas, Jesus’ birth, Lent and Easter. We also set time aside each week for “Faith Forming” activities, which may include Bible-related stories, songs and discussions. We will thank God daily for His blessings and love for us.