The Story

The Story is an abridged, chronological Bible that reads like a novel. There are no verse references, and Scripture segments are seamlessly woven together with transition text into a single grand narrative. For those intimidated or overwhelmed by the unabridged Bible, The Story helps people understand God’s Word more fully and engage with it more easily.

Key Elements To


We believe that God is alive and active in our lives and world. We also believe that knowing the stories of what God has done in the past and what God has promised to do in the future can help us see God at work in the present. The Story is a church-wide journey for all ages designed to help us connect with God by learning those stories. Every week this year (except during Advent and Christmas) we will engage The Story in worship and faith formation for all ages so that we can discover together how our stories fit into God’s story.


How do I participate? First, pick up a book in the fellowship hall on the week of September 9th or 16th and follow the weekly reading guide included in this brochure* and come hear The Story shared, sung, and preached in worship each week. Attend Adult Education between services on Sundays, after worship on Wednesdays, join one of our bible studies, or form your own small group (we will help!). Bring your children to Sunday School, Wednesday School and Spirit Trek (Confirmation). 


What does it cost? Thanks to a generous donor, we were able to purchase a large number of The Story hardcovers in bulk and offer them as a gift to member households. If you would like to donate to cover the cost of your book that would be appreciated but it is not necessary.


Do I have to attend a group or class? No. You are welcome to read along on your own, but you are encouraged to connect with a group. There will also be online devotions and the opportunity to dialog online with one of the pastors during the week.


What will happen in worship? Each week the focus of worship will be on the theme of The Story chapter for the week. You will find that it helps to read the chapter in advance, but it is also fine to read it after worship.

God's word speaks to us in many ways!


Are my children and youth studying the same stories? Yes. You are encouraged to make the story of the week a dinner or car time conversation topic. You are also encouraged to read to younger children. Please refer to THE STORY Faith 5 link on the website each week.


Why will it take so long? There are 31 chapters in The Story covering 66 books of the Bible. It is a condensed summary so we see the big picture. Knowing God's story is a life time adventure!


*Bible References are suggestions and no substitute for reading the suggested chapter. Some chapters of The Story summarize multiple books of the Bible.

The Story - 2018-2019 Calendar

Date The Story Chapter Bible Reference
Sept. 9 The Story Books* Available for Pick-Up  
Sept. 16 Introduction/What is The Story? John 1; 2 Tim. 3
Sept. 23 01- Creation: The Beginning of Life Gen.1
Sept. 30 02 - God Builds a Nation Gen.15
Oct. 7 03 - Joseph: From Slave to Deputy Pharaoh Gen. 45
Oct. 14 04 - Deliverance Exodus 3
Oct. 21 OS - New Commands and a New Covenant Exodus 20
Oct. 28 06 - Wandering Num 14
Nov . 4 07 - The Battle Begins Joshua 24
Nov. 11 08 - A Few Good Men....and Women Judges 7
Nov. 18 09 - The Faith of a Foreign Woman Ruth 1
Nov. 25 10 - Standing Tall, Falling Hard 1 Samuel 8
Dec. 2 11- From Shepherd to King / Advent 1 1 Sam 16
Dec.     9 - 23 We will take a short break from The Story during most of the season of Advent 2018 Weekend: RCL Midweek: TBA
Dec. 30 Christmas Break / Lessons & Carols  
Jan. 6 12 - The Trials of a King    2 Samuel 12
Jan. 13 13 – The King Who Had it All   1 Kings 3
Jan. 20 14- A Kingdom Torn in Two   1 Kings 12
Jan. 27 15 - God's Messengers   1 Kings 17
Feb. 3 16 - The Beginning of the End   Isaiah 53
Feb.10 17-The Kingdom's Fall Jeremiah 21
Feb. 17 18 - Daniel in Exile Daniel 3
Feb. 24 19 - The Return Home   Ezra 1; Isaiah 11
M ar. 3 20 - Queen of Beauty & Courage Esther 4
M ar. 10 21 - Rebuilding the Walls    Nehemiah 8
M ar. 17 22 - The Birth of the King   John 1
Mar. 24 23 - Jesus' Ministry Begins   Matthew 4 & 5
Mar. 31 24 - No Ordinary Man   Luke 10
Apr. 7 25 - Jesus, Son of God   Mark 8 & 9
Apr. 14 26 - Hour of Darkness (Palm Sunday) Mark 11
Apr. 21 27 Resurrection (Easter Sunday) John 20
Apr. 28 28 - New Beginnings Acts 2
May 5 29 - Paul's Mission Ephesians 3
May 12 30 - Paul's Final Days Romans 8
May 19 31- The End of Time Revelation 22
May 26 Epilogue John 21



Click here for a  printable calendar and information about The Story