If you or a loved one is nearing death, or if someone you love has recently died, please contact the church by email or phone, 320-252-6203, so that we can provide pastoral care for both the one who is dying and/or to his or her loved ones. If you have been in contact with a funeral home, please ask that they contact us when scheduling planning meetings, visitation, and the funeral itself, as we cannot schedule a funeral in our sanctuary without consulting one of our pastors.

The pastors at Atonement are also able to help you plan your own funeral if you wish to do so. Making plans in advance can be helpful for your family as they grieve and gives you a voice in how you would like to be remembered. This can be done at any age, whether you are sick or dying. Plans can be kept on file in the church office, and can be edited or updated at any time. You are also welcome to download our funeral guidelines.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team meets as needed to plan the meals for funerals and other events held at Atonement. Volunteers decorate and set tables, cook, and help with cleanup. Contact Arlene Omlid by phone, 320-253-9330, or Sally Reichert by phone, 320-253-2932.